Without imagination there is no salvation.
Giulio Carlo Argan

Roots freeze without memory in the mobile chaos; images, profiles, status updates, we are enchanted and tangled in a web of apparent miracles. We need to see, think, act. Aim for the eye and the heart is essential. Live and revive the Art and Culture forever.

Art is a discipline that requires knowledge and skill, sign and symbol of human expression that persists over time, forever. A valuable asset that requires action and the development of specific devices intuitive related to the sphere of the imagination and that moves beyond logical thinking. The artist is, in my opinion, a prescient that anticipates the needs, and transforms them into concrete action and creative work, is the true reflection of time and man, rooted identity that evolves and renews itself. But there is urgent need for culture, access key that allows us to decode and understand the profound messages that preserves the historical heritage and conveys through the artwork. To valorize, promote, make living knowledge and not exclusive, accessible to everyone, everywhere. To Believe, will, engage. In this view I am working on, disseminating and sharing the culture, true motor of growth and development of intelligence, knowledge, ideas that generate human progress. However, it is necessary to follow the man and his time, in the present to the future … who hesitates is lost!

Devoid of orientation, where the virtual is real, you live without feeling. In this climate it makes no sense a strong desire to feed the world a breathe of art. Listen and supporting artists, directing the gaze and action to the quality, the idea, to the project. Research, experimentation, imagination, guidelines of a path that materialize in love for the promotion of culture and art, and in the recognition and encouragement of intelligences and talents.