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Immersions | Leila Mirzakhani

O Gallery presents “Immersions”, a collection of works on paper by Leila Mirzakhani (b. 1978 Tehran).

Using a meditative and poetic approach, Leila Mirzakhani aims to recreate instinctual and natural human experiences in her practice through rediscovering a spiritual dimension in the ordinary events of everyday life. Mirzakhani’s drawings of atmospheric color fields examine qualities of ephemeral light as well as solid radiance. Offering examples of the medium’s possibilities, the artist minimalizes painting to the essentials with a sensory and allusive richness embedded in their asperity. The structural expressions and limited palette emphasize the beauty inherent in nature with a reference to seasons. This subtle beauty is apparent in the delicate visual incidents in the executions of lines, marks, hues and margins while demonstrating a deliberate emphasis on the wholeness of the surface.

Immersion is an attempt to capture the elusive beauty of the nature; it is the desire to adapt oneself into the colors of the leaves in the spring, to the petals of Bougainvillea and the irresistible violet of the Iris.

It’s the amazement felt only towards something extremely fragile and at the same time magical and beyond the bounds:
In the face of such beauty we are well aware from the beginning that what we receive is partial and the rest remains unseen.

As Sohrab Sepehri said (Iranian contemporary poet)

Our need
Isn’t to unravel the mystery of the rose,
our need is,
may be
to immerse ourselves in the enchantment of the rose”

Leila Mirzakhani

Immersions | Leila Mirzakhani
January 28 _ February 8 2022

O Gallery
18 Shahin (Khedri) St., Sanaee St., Tehran, Iran