Rebecca Horn

The Kunstforum Wien celebrates Rebecca Horn with the first comprehensive retrospective of her works in Austria in almost thirty years.

Curated by Bettina M. Busse, the exhibition focuses on the interrelationships in various media between the diverse genres throughout Horn’s oeuvre and will present a wide-ranging and insightful view into her artistic practice. Rebecca Horn is regarded as one of the most extraordinary and versatile artists of her generation. Horn achieved fame in 1972 as the youngest participant in documenta 5, titled Individual Mythologies, which was curated by Harald Szeemann. Throughout her practice Horn has created a body of work which constitutes an ever-growing flow of performances, films, sculptures, spatial installations, drawings, and photographs. The essence of their imagery comes out of the tremendous precision of the physical and technical functionality she uses to stage her works within a particular space.

Throughout her over fifty-year career, Horn has created her own symbolically charged cosmos in which reality and fiction overlap, and dualisms such as material: spirit, subject: object, and male: female are transgressed. Her works make up an expanding web of objects, motifs, and themes that she revisits in new light. In doing so Horn interweaves numerous traditions of art, literature, and film, along with mythology and fairy tales.

On the occasion of the exhibition, a new catalogue will be published by Hatje Cantz, with texts by Bettina M. Busse, Emma Lavigne, Chus Martinez, and Marta Smolinska, edited by Ingried Brugger and Bettina M. Busse.

Kunstforum Wien, Vienna, Austria
Rebecca Horn

28.09.2021 – 23.01.2022

Cover Image: Ausstellungsansicht Rebecca Horn, Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien, 2021, Foto: Gregor Titze/ Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien © Rebecca Horn, Bildrecht Wien, 2021



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