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Armida Gandini. Standing up – Coordinates of the identity

03/12/2016 – 07/01/2017
Vernissage: Saturday 3 December 2016 – 16:30 / 20:00
Curated by: Sonia Arata

Red Stamp Art Gallery is glad to present “STANDING UP – COORDINATES OF THE IDENTITY”, personal exhibition of the Italian artist Armida Gandini. The show, which will inaugurate on the 3rd of December 2016, features a series of very recent artworks, created specifically for this project, realized through various techniques such as graphite drawing on photography transferred or printed on paper, elaborations of magazine pages by means of mixed media, intervention on photography through cropping, (to produce three-dimensional pieces) or carving, layering of print on glass and on photo paper.

The works examine the theme of the personal identity, always at the heart of Armida Gandini’s research; the ideal starting point of the investigation is the video of 2009 “I say I can try”: the analysis of the relationship between the individual, the infinite field of circumstances of the existence and the possible meanings of the net of coordinates, grid of references and parameters with which the individuality of each one will have to confront, develops from the situation studied in the sequence and winds up till ideally end in the composition of various artworks which are placed, as in a sort of collection of paintings, on the background of a large network traced by the artist with pencil on an entire wall of the gallery, where virtually the various characters of this trip meet and a cycle closes with the acquisition of new points of view and the awareness born from the traveled road.

By overlapping the delicate and sure sign of the stroke of her hand to photography, the artist takes us through the stages of this peculiar study carried out with stylistic elegance, through subtle gradations and refined expressive nuances.

The figurative elements are those characteristic of Armida Gandini’s visual universe : the white space, site free of connotations, disorientating limbo, non-place theater of dynamics of the consciousness and experience area; the little girl, young character, figure of the researching person, of the mind openness towards the world and the new, of the purity of a psyche that inherently follows the own instinct; the braid, symbol of the organization of coordinates in a precise weaving, structure of the thought, dna code carrier of information that, such as the line of the drawing, is matrix which arranges and from which all forms branches off.

“STANDING UP – COORDINATES OF THE IDENTITY”, personal show of Armida Gandini, can be visited from the 3rd of December 2016 till the 7th of January 2017 at Red Stamp Art Gallery, located in the heart of the historical center of Amsterdam. The exhibition is introduced by a critical text by Sonia Arata, curator of the event and enriched by an interview with the artist conducted by Marco Nember.

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