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Tomaso Binga. Scrivere non è descrivere

Galleria Tiziana Di Caro presents Scrivere non è descrivere [Writing Is Not Describing], the first solo exhibition at the gallery featuring Tomaso Binga (aka Bianca Pucciarelli Menna, Salerno, 1931), opening Thursday, September 24, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. The exhibition includes the artist’s most significant works and performances from the 70s, such as “Scrittura Vivente” [Living Writing], “Dattilocodice” [Typocode] and “Ti scrivo solo di domenica” [I Write To You Only On Sundays].

Tomaso Binga is the artist’s pseudonym, taken to challenge the privileges of the male world with irony and displacement. She deals with verbal-visual writing and is among the leading figures of Italian phonetic-sound-performance poetry. Since 1971, the practice of art as writing is at the center of her research. Hers is a “desemantized” writing, closely associated with action and social issues. Her work often strongly challenges space, as in the works of the “Scrittura Vivente” series, in which silhouettes of her naked body mimic the letters of the alphabet (1976), and the “Dattilocodice” series (1978), where typewriter graphemes, imprinted overlapping, take on a new iconicity. The exhibition will include works starting from the early seventies, up to those in which the typecodes are associated with drawings, poetic verses and collages, including some of the works presented at the 1978 Venice Biennale.

But it is especially in the poetic-performative work “Ti scrivo solo di domenica” (1977), created over a whole year by sending 52 letters to a friend (her alter ego) on Sundays only, that all of Binga’s creative power explodes, where the signifier and signified intertwine and alternate in a continuous and controlled prevarication game, aiming at overcoming the tragedy of everyday life with irony, criticism and desecration.
At 9:00 p.m. there will be the performance in which Tomaso Binga will read the letters from the work “Ti scrivo solo di domenica”.

This exhibition, whose title is a line borrowed from a typecode, is the first of a series that aims at describing the various phases of the artist’s production starting from the seventies, i.e. since the outlining of the main guidelines that made Tomaso Binga an artist central to our culture.Continue Reading..