OPENING Thursday, 26 November, 7 – 9pm
EXHIBITION 27 November, 2015 – 16 January, 2016
HOURS Tuesday | Saturday, 12 – 7pm

Loom Gallery is delighted to announce Entanglement, a solo exhibition of brand new works by Switzerland based artist Valentina De’ Mathà. The opening reception will take place
Thursday, 26 November, from 7 to 9pm, and the artist will be present. The status of entanglement reflects an actual and impossible separation, an intertwinement.
It’s a physical phenomenon, discovered by quantum physics, where two or more subatomic particles, also known as “entities”, mutually condition themselves, but at the same time communicate among themselves.Consequently, physical systems are strongly connected, they actually resonate with each other. Subatomic particles are mutually correlated, so reflecting the Big Bang theory, according to which everything was connected at the beginning, but everything is still connected and inseparable now. Humanity consists of subatomic particles, hence the “human” entanglement is a state of nature, our day-to-day behaviour and human relationships actually originate from that connection. The artist created a structured set of “umbilical cords”, an intertwinement of emulsified papers: these same papers were then chemically “painted” by means of chemical procedures in the darkroom. Finally “painted” cords have been precisely embedded and sewn into each other, leading to tapestry works where painting, photography, sculpture and weaving are contained altogether.

Valentina De’ Mathà is born 1981 in Avezzano, Italy, she lives in Switzerland. Her research is based on the interaction among man, nature and mutation, as well as on
the causality principle and on the dialectic between her action on matter and its reaction to it. Her peculiar technique also gives vent to a high percentage of non-deterministic mechanisms and to the typical uncertainty of quantum mechanics. She examines human behaviour when people are facing the unpredictability of inescapable circumstances or events caused by themselves; consequently, she explores the human emotional instabilities and reactions of people facing the unexpected, inevitable or sudden life-changing experiences.

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